Andrea vs Eric

I love Eric Bana.

The first time i saw him in the movie Troy, laglag agad ang panty ko kahit nandon pa ang soulmate kong si Brad Pitt.

But my favorite movie of Eric Bana is The Time Traveller's Wife. Almost in all of his scenes kasi eh hubad sya. Hahaha! I fell in-love with his character.

I am happy and contented loving him - kahit alam kong hindi magiging kami. 'Chos!

A close friend knows my obsession about Eric and his banana. He tipped me about this Italian athlete who have a resemblance with my Eric.

And so here he is - Andrea Minguzzi side by side with Eric Bana.

Well, hmmm... he has a bit of resemblance and he looks like the young Eric Bana. But i still love Eric Bana specially now that he aged.

Andrea is only 28 years old while Eric is 41.

Also, Andrea is a professional wrestler and an Olympic gold medalist (Beijing 2008). Kamukha man o hindi, Andrea is one yummy guy.

And here are more of his yummy pics.

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