Yummy Common Pipol 3

Spotted at Greenbelt 4 this afternoon.

All By Myself

Drama-dramahan ako ngayon.

Hindi ko alam kung ano na ang sitwasyon namin ni Hubby.

Naiinis ako sa kanya. Naiinis sya sa 'kin.

Takot akong bigyan ng closure or finality ang relationship namin na more than 3 years na rin. Nanghihinayang siguro ako.

Lately, madalas na kaming mag-away. Petty quarrels lang naman but we argue even on the slightest issue. And we haven't seen each other for the last 10 days. Last kaming magkasama ng magpasama syang bumili ng bag for his laptop sa MOA. Dati, pag nag-aaway kami, ako rin ang kadalasang sumusuko. Kasi nami-miss ko sya. At feeling ko hindi ko talaga kaya.

But now, i can feel na yung feelings ko sa kanya is drifting away.

50/50 ako.

Yesterday he texted me para kamustahin ang injury ko. Dapat daw nagpapahinga pa ako. When i said kaya ko naman mag-trabaho na, he insinuated na he knows better kasi nga doctor sya.

I can sense na mag-aaway na naman kami.


Nagpaka busy ako sa work para hindi ko sya maisip.


Uwian na.

Wala ng text uli.

Had dinner by myself. Watched ako ng news after.

I want to move on. I need to.

If we cannot save the relationship, at least the friendship.

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Ricky Martin at Milan Fashion Week

The elusive and newly "out" music icon papa Ricky Martin was spotted at the front row of Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear fashion show during Milan Fashion Week last June 22.

Papa Ricky is also set to perform as Che Guevara in the Broadway revival of Evita whileArgentine actress Elena Roger will reprise her acclaimed West End performance as Eva PerĂ³n.

Performance dates were not announced yet but is expected to open in 2012.

To see runway show via a slideshow, visit Style.com.

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I overheard two guys talking.

Guy 1: Pare, nahuli ko yung utol ko, pumapatol sa bakla.

Guy 2: Buti na 'yon kesa naman yung utol mo ang pumapatol sa lalaki.


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Hindi Ko Carry 'Toh!

Pero kung makatingin si lolo... may pagnanasa. Hahaha!

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MacBook Skins

If you are a MacBook owner, you may want to check out these cool skins for your laptop from Gelaskins.

They also have skins for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Me, I like the Boombox II design.

Devil Woman

BoomBox II


Union Jack

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DVD or Dibidi?

Yesterday, I was waiting for the computer shop at ParkSquare to check the availability of HP Pavilion Desktop PC p6340d. The staff said they don’t have it on stock so they have to call their main office. They told me it would take a while so they ask me if I want to look around first. Told them I’ll be back in 30 mins.

It was quite sometime since I went inside a record bar. I usually just download music via Limewire and buy Dibidis’ in Makati Cinema Square. So when I saw Odyssey Records, I decided to check it out. Surprise! Surprise. Neatly arranged are piles of original DVDs and I can’t believe they are so much affordable now compared to the last time I checked. Odyssey’s DVD prices ranges from P75.00 to about P500.00.

I started browsing. And then I saw this DVD title – SERUM. The synopsis is quite interesting.

While searching for a "cure all" serum, Dr. Edward Kanopolus, "Dr. K", is being pressured for results by the pharmaceutical company funding the project. With time running out, tragedy and desperation drive him to make decisions that will jeopardize the lives of everyone around him and ultimately unleash a terrifying monster on a killing spree.

I’m a sucker for suspense thrillers, zombies and vampires so I decided to buy it and yes – for P75.00 only. I was happy. A Dibidi would cost about P35-P60. And I got this ORIGINAL DVD for 75 bucks! How can I go wrong?

I went back to the computer shop, placed my order of the PC and went home.

I immediately opened the DVD and played it on my ORIGINAL DVD player. Hehehe!

I immediately noticed the poor quality of the opening credits. Amateurish. I gave it a second chance and proceeded watching. Finally I gave up. What an awful movie production. This movie sucks BIG TIME! It’s like a team of highschool students created this film! Ang pangeeettt!

Haynaku! Mabuti pa bumili na lang ako ng Dibidi.

Sabi nga ng boss ko. “You will always get what your money’s worth.”


Yummy Common Pipol 2

Spotted at MOA.

He Gives Me Fever

My friend Ron told me about this site. Got to share Peter with you guys.

Check out Peter.

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Yummy Common Pipol

Got these random pics of yummy guys from a recent weekend trip to a resort in Bulacan. Pasensya na if some pics aren’t so clear.

I was trying my best for them not to notice my being paparazzi. Medyo malayo sila from where I am so I used a 70-300mm lens to zoom them in. I tell you, these guys are

cuter in person. Hehehe!

Standby as i roam and shoot more yummy common pipol!


Since childhood my legs have gone through a lot of wounds that ended up as “poklats” when they heal. Got too many of them kasi sobrang malikot ako ng bata pa ako. Back then, I like climbing trees (mango, coconut and aratiles). Laking probinsya kasi. When I was learning how to drive and balance a bike, I skinned my knees quite a number of times. My childhood friends and myself used to play “harangang-taga”, “moro-moro”, “taguan” and other physical games that I would end up with a bruise or with scratches either or both on my arms or legs.

Yesterday morning I got another “sugat” and I’m sure it will end up as another souvenir scar. Another poklat in the making. What happened?

My brother and I had an accident.

I was in the province for the weekend. This morning, I was supposed to go back to Makati. My brother was driving his motorcycle and I was riding behind him. We were heading to the bus terminal were I was supposed to get my ride back to the city. It was drizzling. He was driving quite fast. When we reached the hilly part of the road, there is this tricycle in front of us who were carrying bamboos and monoblock chairs tied behind his vehicle. He’s a bit slow maybe because of the load he’s carrying. Then as we are about to overtake him, he suddenly turned left WITHOUT any signal.

My brother immediately stepped on the break but it’s too late. We hit on the monoblock chairs, lost our balance and I fell off. My brother skidded along with his motorcycle. I was too shocked that I just remembered grasping on my DSLR. Hahaha! ‘Di na baleng magasgasan ang katawan ‘wag lang masira ang camera.

And then bystanders rushed towards us.

I immediately got up. I felt pain on my left arm and hip. I noticed the dirt in my shirt, arms and legs and then I saw my shin bleeding. I hate seeing blood pa naman. And then I remember checking my camera for damage. There’s a very minor scratch in the lens cover but nothing to worry about. The camera is still working perfectly.

I was a bit disoriented pa. Then I heard my brother asked the tricycle driver why he didn’t signaled before turning left. Found out later that his signal lights were broken.

I saw my brother with more scratches and wounds. Sunog yung isang leg nya ‘coz nadikit daw sa tambutso. Ano ba sa English ‘yon? I asked him if he’s ok but he is more concern about his favorite motorcycle – a Suzuki sniper which he customized.

We assessed the damage. On my brother’s motorcycle, the front mudguard is broken. The side part have scratches and the left side mirror fell off. Sa kanila, walang sira kahit isa at wala rin silang sugat.

We were advised by some bystanders to go to the baranggay hall since there is no policeman in sight. The barangay hall is just a few meters away.

The tricycle driver is very easy to talk to but he said he’s poor and could not afford my brother’s demand to replace the mudguard (it’s made of carbon fiber) and the side mirror.

Anyway, we ended up agreeing sharing the cost of repair for the damages in my brother’s motorcycle

But the highlight of the situation is the exchange of dialogue between me and this bitch who just suddenly appeared and gave her unsolicited opinion in my face.

Duster-wearing Bitch: Kasalanan n’yo yan kasi kayo yung nag-overtake.

After hearing that, nag accelerate ang dugo ko mula sa alak-alakan diretso sa bumbunan. But I tried to be as calm as possible.

Me: Nakita nyo ba po ba ang nangyari?

Duster-wearing Bitch: Oo, nag overtake kayo, dapat hindi kayo nag overtake! Kung hindi kayo nag overtake eh di walang aksidente!

Me: Marunong ho ba kayong mag drive?

Duster-wearing Bitch: Hinde. Bakit?

Me: Eh ‘di hindi nyo rin po alam ang traffic rules and regulations?

Duster-wearing Bitch: Eh, ano ngayon? Kayo pa rin ang may kasalanan.

Nagdilim na ang paningin ko and I can feel Bella Flores possessing my body.

Me: Puta ka! Kung hindi mo alam, tumahimik ka! We don’t need your stupid opinion. You have no business here. Ok?

Natigilan ang bruha.

I am dying to take this bitch’s picture using my DSLR but she’s a walkout queen din pala. Hayun, lumayas ang puta ng wala ng mai-sagot.

Anyway, matapos ang blotter sa baranggay hall and all, my brother was still able to drive me to the terminal. What a glorious Sunday.

Mormons Exposed

I always get fascinated with these very neat, caucasian, tie-wearing mormon boys whom we always see in the streets.

Usually they roam in pair, accompanied by some locals. They would go from one house to another to preach their religion or whatever. Actually i'm not sure about what happens when they visit a home. I have never been visited by a Mormon boy. I wonder why? Hahaha!
But behind those neat uniforms, i am yearning to see what lies beneath.

Well, i need not wonder. Glad i found these.

Grabe transformations nila from geeky and holy to yummy and sexy. Haaayyy!

I wonder if their religion really tolerates this fabulous display of hotness. Galing! If ever a Mormon knocks on my door, i think i will bring out the topic. Hehehe!

These pictures are from their previous calendar. Yes, my dear. They sell beefcake calendars but i'm not sure if it's for charity. However, If you wish to purchase their calendar on-line, you may check their site mormonexposed.com.

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A Brand New Day

I woke up this morning feeling oh so happy. I slept for nine hours. I went to bed at around 8pm. Turned on the tv and set the sleep mode at 30 mins. And then i slept peacefully. For the last month or so i would usually get a 5-6 hours sleep or sometimes less.

I guess my estranged relationship with hubby is the main reason why i am deprived of sleep. I couldn't just take him off my mind or that fact that in many occasions, he can be so insensitive about my feelings. We've been in a whirlwind relationship for the last 3 years. It's a "love you-hate you" kind of relationship. Maybe it's my karma for taking him away from his jowa of one year. Long story.

But i am not giving up. Though i will not exhaust all my energy again just to sulk on what was left in our relationship. I will just let fate take it's course. If we are meant to be together then fine with me. But if we are destined to live our lives separately, then let it be. I am just so tired of the arguments and heartaches.

Life is indeed short to worry about things and people who care less. Why should i worry in the first place?

This is my life and i will live it the way i want it.

Today, i will eat a Big Breakfast, come to office a little late and update my FB status.


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