Moving On Redux

Jeric and I broke up.

I broke up with him.

But not because I don't love him anymore.  Things happened since the last time we were together.

Excuse me for I will not elaborate on those things.


When our heart gets broken, only us knows how deep or superficial the wound is.

Expressing our emotions through words may not be enough to represent how much (or less) pain and sorrow we are going through.

And moving on is inevitable.

Each one of us is different.  We are individuals with different coping mechanisms.

Most of us would probably take the traditional long process of 'grieving'. Which I did in my past (failed) relationships.  I questioned myself a million times why it ended and why it ended that way.

I remember persecuting myself for a year.

But this time I chose to take  the easy way out.

And many finds my decision or my process 'too soon'.  Some came up to the conclusion that it was probably not love after all.

To be honest, it doesn't bother me.  These opinions do not reflect what I have been through and what I am going through.

I am my own person.

But still, pardon me if some were offended when I chose to spare myself from the long and tedious process of a break-up.

That's just how I wish to move on.

No more drama. No more tears.

Dahil it doesn't necessarily mean na ang beauty queen.....

....ay isa ring drama queen.

Please, don't cry for me Argentina.


Kaya let us all move on and be happy.

Peace..... Prosperity....... and Love for all mankind!


Heniwey, vacation mode pa rin ang lolah.


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♥ jeni ♥ said...

suportahan ta ka miss chuni! enjoy your well deserved vacation! :)

astroboi said...


joanne said...

hugs madam.. hindi ako maka-comment sa prev posts mo kasi hindi ako expert sa love&relationships at wala naman ako masabi to make you feel better, basta yun.. anyways, hugs ulet! at enjoy your vacay!

Shenanigans said...

All is well madame :)


ganyan tlga ang buhay :)

Mac Callister said...

you have a positive way, even though u are hurting inside, atleast, pinapatatag mo sarili mo and trying to move on gracefully. naks!

soon everything will be alright :-)

hard.ass.kisser said...

Hi madame. so di ka kasama sa mga andito sa video na ito...

itawa nalang natin yan! :D

Anonymous said...

"...Dahil it doesn't necessarily mean na ang beauty queen.....

....ay isa ring drama queen."

- tama! very well said, miss chuni. gow

Unknown said...

keribim lang miss chuni!!! go go go lang dapat! positivity!

Meowfie said...

*plays brokenhearted by karmin

Anonymous said...

Same tayo ng pinagdadaanan ms chuni. whatever happened, o kahit na gano man kabilis yung panahong dumaan, at least sumaya tayo. enough na yun to move on, ang haba ng pila, paksyet. XD

Anonymous said...

nice post, ms chuni!

ramdan ang tapang kahit may papatak na luha.

.. box of kleenex, anyone?


Anonymous said...

You really are an inspiration! As Carrie Bradshaw of SATC puts it, "Breakups are awful, and they are private. And they are not necessarily symptomatic of what two people had together." >:D<

Bwryan said...

What's the best way to move on? Travel and vacation. Enjoy, Mademoiselle! ☺

Anonymous said...

ilang linggong pag-ibig

patryckjr said...

happy and sad for you chuni.... Happy that you moved on and Sad that good things had to end.... al the while i thought,it will be a happy ending for you both..... haissssst..

victormanalo said...

...signs if you really in love:
...does the wind whisper a melody?
...your scarf flies in slow motion?
...the moon appears gigantic?

wandering emo said...

Million hugs Ms. Chuni! AJA!!! :)

Ponse said...

My Grand Ultimate Queen,

In the galaxy, all things come and go but your title, crown and scepter will still remain even the end is nigh.

Hope you like my Tarot Card specially made for the you, THE GRAND ULTIMATE QUEEN !

Drama King said...

At dahil ako na ang Drama Queen este Drama King Miss Chuni! Haha. Kaya mo 'yan! *Yakap*

Rix said...

:( sad pero i'll pray na anytime soon you feel better na po

Unknown said...


kratos said...

I read the book "Of God and Men". It inspired me that true love do exist. In the book it was stated that he repressed himself til the age of 30's. Still, he was able to find his other half. Kaya pakiramdam ko there is really someone for each of us. They got married btw and 'til now masaya pa rin sila at magkasama.

Darating yan Ms. Chuni! Just enjoy your single blessedness dahil eventually, matatali ka din sa isang tao for a lifetime :)

Nutty Thoughts said...

idol malakas ang women's intuition ko....

magkakabalikan kayo..

sa ngalan ng buwan!!!!
(insert sailormoon here)

Daldalerong Pinoy said...

from the very start ng mga kwento mo about jeric, medyo mababaw unless meron kang mga hindi nakwento.

anyway, go find another one miss chuni

Anonymous said...

For me mas madali ang healing process kapag nananahimik ka lng sa issue tapos ung tipo bang nakakapag muni muni ka lalo kung konti lng ang nakakaaalam

Anonymous said...

virtual hugs miss chuni! stay strong!

-- Discreet Pasigueño --

Anonymous said...

i sympathize with you, ms. chuniverse, at least you took the risk to felt in love and was loved with someone.
LOVE is undeniably the most awesome feeling in the universe but so sad that sometimes it is accompanied by brokenhearted, hatred, solemness and rejection....
i can sense ms. chuniverse that deep inside you are still grieving. time would heal your torn and macerated heart... hahaha
Chupaera Madrigal

Tonskie said...

Parang linya lang sa isang kanta "I'd rather leave while I'm still in love." or something. :D Be happy Miss Chuni!

Anonymous said...

Kala ko naligaw me ng blog. Englishing? Anyways, darating din ang tamang lalaki para sau. All the best!

Barbara Bakal said...

keme na gurl! andami pang hombre sa mundo. :P im sure magbabounce back ka din jan. lalo na ang bagong kabit mong boobs.

Anonymous said...

Nahirapan kang mag-mob on 'teh? kasi ang tagal mong nawala kaya? O baka naman pumasok k na sa kumbento nyan para mag-pari na lang!!! hehe, pinapatawa lang kita, namiss ko na kaya updates sa blog mo.


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