Mormons Exposed

I always get fascinated with these very neat, caucasian, tie-wearing mormon boys whom we always see in the streets.

Usually they roam in pair, accompanied by some locals. They would go from one house to another to preach their religion or whatever. Actually i'm not sure about what happens when they visit a home. I have never been visited by a Mormon boy. I wonder why? Hahaha!
But behind those neat uniforms, i am yearning to see what lies beneath.

Well, i need not wonder. Glad i found these.

Grabe transformations nila from geeky and holy to yummy and sexy. Haaayyy!

I wonder if their religion really tolerates this fabulous display of hotness. Galing! If ever a Mormon knocks on my door, i think i will bring out the topic. Hehehe!

These pictures are from their previous calendar. Yes, my dear. They sell beefcake calendars but i'm not sure if it's for charity. However, If you wish to purchase their calendar on-line, you may check their site

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Anonymous said...

Nice mormon pics... remembering "Latter Days". :)

Anonymous said...

yah anon # 1 is right, u'l rmember latter days becoz of this post hahaha

shenanigans said...

gosh! sana ma visit din ako ng mormon..

type ko yung unang mormon

shenanigans said...

naisip ko lang.... required ba sa kanila ang maganda katawan? haha

Herbs D. said...

Change na aketch ng religion mama chunk

Myung Dae said...

owwwhhh ... mormon ...
sana may kumatok sa bahay namin ng ganyan
tapos sabihin ko na HUBAD!

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