A Brand New Day

I woke up this morning feeling oh so happy. I slept for nine hours. I went to bed at around 8pm. Turned on the tv and set the sleep mode at 30 mins. And then i slept peacefully. For the last month or so i would usually get a 5-6 hours sleep or sometimes less.

I guess my estranged relationship with hubby is the main reason why i am deprived of sleep. I couldn't just take him off my mind or that fact that in many occasions, he can be so insensitive about my feelings. We've been in a whirlwind relationship for the last 3 years. It's a "love you-hate you" kind of relationship. Maybe it's my karma for taking him away from his jowa of one year. Long story.

But i am not giving up. Though i will not exhaust all my energy again just to sulk on what was left in our relationship. I will just let fate take it's course. If we are meant to be together then fine with me. But if we are destined to live our lives separately, then let it be. I am just so tired of the arguments and heartaches.

Life is indeed short to worry about things and people who care less. Why should i worry in the first place?

This is my life and i will live it the way i want it.

Today, i will eat a Big Breakfast, come to office a little late and update my FB status.


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Myung Dae said...

Sisimulan kong basahin sa una :))

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