Thank You!


Today, i declared, our last day of work.

Hodevah, parang President chuva lang. Chos!

Tuwang-tuwa ang mga staff ko. Kung maka-tili akala mo ay nag multiple orgasm.

Pero just as i expected, may mga hirit pa.

Staff 1: "Sir, wala ba tayong ham?"

Me: "Ham? Gow, punta ka sa fridge!"

Excited ang bilat. Kumakandirit pang sinugod ang pantry. Ilang segundo pa ay bumalik na. Nakasimangot.

Staff: "Sir, wala namang ham! Puro tubig lang."

Me: "Well, that's the answer to your question. Drink all you can ka na lang ng H2O."

Aba, at hihirit pa ng ham eh generous na nga ang kumpanya sa bonus nila which is equivalent to sampung gabi with the boylet of their choice...

I told them to be grateful, dahil may mga kababayan tayong hindi mararamdaman ang Pasko.

Its high time that we learn how to count our blessings and be thankful.

2011 may not be the best year for me in terms of career and lovelife - which is practically zero, nada, zilch. But I know I am blessed because of the people around me and that includes you my dear readers and followers.

Today is my "THANK YOU" Day.

So allow me to thank everyone for being so nice to me and believing in my true beauty.

Thank you!

And a big "thank you!" to my benefactor for the best Christmas gift ever.

Oh, hindi sha carlalu at wala syang gulong.

Details will be posted soon.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Love you all!




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Aike said...

Daming salamat din MissChuni sa pagbibigay ngiti sa aming mga labi..

I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas.

Ms. Chuniverse said...

At naaliw mo rin ako sa blog mo. :)

Merry Christmas Aike! Mwah! :)

Anonymous said...

CONDO?? anyamaaaan! pakilala mu din ako sa benefactor mu! hehehe

Your welcome Ms. Chuni.. and salamat din ng bonggang bongga sa pag-aaliw mu samin!


Anonymous said...

CONDO?? anyamaaan!!! pakilala mu din ako sa benefactor mu! hehehe

your welcome po! :D salamt din ng bonggang bongga sa pag-aaliw mu samin!

Happy Holidays!


Ms. Chuniverse said...

@BaBe.... my lips, just like my vagina, are sealed. hahaha! chos! :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Miss Chuni!

May you continue to write witty stories for all your readers in the years to come.

-Anonymous reader from SG

Gaspard said...

awww....tack så mycket


God Jul! :)

Anonymous said...

2011 may not be the best year for me in terms of career and lovelife - which is practically zero, nada, zilch. But I know I am blessed because of the people around me and that includes you my dear readers and followers

-This is the best line. I read your blog everytime... Merry Christmas!

ELAY said...

thank you ms.chuni, lagi mong napapawi ang mga problema ko :)

bien said...

Merry Christmas teh

Kiks said...

merry christmas, chun!

nubadi said...

i know how to unzip a sealed lips miss chuni, with a gorgeous large cock hahaha. I echo the others (at dahil sipsip ako), thank you for providing us with one of the best laugh trips on the internet. you are my daily addiction. if di condo ang binigay sa iyo, just tell me, ako ang magbibigay. charoz pempengco. hahaha. merry Christmas, Miss Chuniverse...

Nate said...

@HRH Queen Chuni: I struggled to find words on how I could express my thanks to you, my lady. But here goes..

You have been a shining beacon of light to those without hope. You bring joy to those who are experiencing sorrow and pain. And most of all, as your title necessitates, you bring world peace (chareuse! :P)

2011 has been quite a year for me. You have been a part of my day from the time I was just a commenter, till I put up my blog and even up to now. Thank you for sharing not only your humorous wit and royal candor, but also the words of wisdom which you have imparted on me, personally. You have been a queenly adviser, and for that, i am most grateful.

So, i raise my glass to you, my Queen..

Here's to happiness, good cheer, and lots of boys for you to feast on this holiday season..

But most of all, I wish that you find love.. true love.. that lingers..

Joyeux Noel, Mme. Delancroix!!


Anonymous said...

ms chuni, alam ba ng staff mo na girlalu ka? if you don't mind me asking..

Anonymous said...

Welcome and more power. Keep up the best of the best comments and anecdotes.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas

La fabuleuse vie de Mlle Chuniverse Fans Club
Forbes/Dasma Chapter

POPOY said...

Merry Christmas Ms.

looking forward sa mga post mo na puno ng HumorNaughty ngayong darating na taon!

♥ jeni ♥ said...

for someone who follows your blog ever since I started reading it, I am deeply touched sa blog na itey! Merry Christmas Miss Chuni! I wish you more boys, followers, readers, happy moments and creative ideas to come in 2012! love yah!!

DOE-A-DEER said...

Wagi Ms. Chuni

Condo unit na yan,

Ikaw na talaga Ms. C

You are most Welcome inang reyna, ndi mo lang pinapangit ang labi ko everytime nagbabasa ako ng blogs mo, yet you never fail to ease my agony in life.

lonewolf said...

Merry Christmas Miss Chuni and thanks din dahil natatawa kami sa bawat entry mo

lonewolf said...

Nacurious tuloy ako sa xmas gift mo, buti ka pa may gift LOL!

Anonymous said...

key sa barbie doll house mo ms. chuni? hahaha
Merry Christmas!

RainDarwin said...

Merry christmas MsChuni!

Mugen said...

Maligayang Pasko rin Miss Chuni!! Maraming salamat rin sa pagbibigay ngiti sa aming mga readers mo. :)

Ayie =) said...

Mamah Chuni, gift ko ha. Happy New Year! =)

Anonymous said...

I fortunately found your blog while being alone here in my room. I became an instant follower. Thank you for your blog and the creative writing.


Jenny said...

Blessed Christmas Miss Chuni


Seeking09 said...

Merry Christmas my Queen :-)

Aris said...

maligayang pasko, chuni dear. :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Miss Chuni. Hope you had a great one. :D


Orange Wit said...

merry christmas po

aboutambot said...

Thanks Miss Chuni!

Victor Saudad said...

ay susi...duplicate key sa place? :D

Happy holidays!

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