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Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Gay here, you’re one and only source into the scandalous lives of Pio del Pilar’s feeling elite.

What’s making the headlines of my homepage?

Our Tisay kapitbahay.

Anyway, some tagalog na ditse coz baka hindi ko ma- keri.

Ditetch sa aming neighbor ay may isang tisay na according to her press releases ay isa syang former model.

Tisay aged and now past her prime. She ended up following a career being a call center agent. They say beauty is nothing if you’re evil within. And Tisay personifies that axiom.

Feeling yata ni ate ay runway model pa rin sya kaya she never mingles with the people living in her neighborhood.

She would often seen buying pan de sal in the nearby bakery, chin up and has never acknowledge the kapitbahays hi’s and hello’s.

Not even a smile.

Nada. Zilch.

Now, the neighbors are talking.

Tisay moved in with his uber hunky and yummy papa and their cute children and of course, yaya/housemaid in tow.

Surprisingly, they fit in a two storey, one bedroom duplex apartment.

Happy ever after ang initial scene ng family.

But less than a year, the drama begins.

Uber hunky and yummy papa loses his job. At sya ay naging house husband.

Goodbye yaya/housemaid. The bitch of Pio can afford you no more.

At nag-crumble ang used to be happy family. Until Tisay threw uber hunky and yummy papa out of the house.

Big drama.

A desperate housewife moment indeed.

Friendship and I were dying to adopt uber hunky and yummy papa but to no avail. Takot sa dyombag ang dalawang vaklang hitad.

A few days later, a shorter but delicious brown-skinned faux-Mohawk sporting boylet stepped in the house of Tisay.

Who could it be?

Friendship and I are dying of curiosity and so are the uzi neighbors.

Although the guy is no match to uber hunky and yummy papa, he is definitely an eye candy.

Yummy on the second degree.

The prying eyes of the flood-prone neighborhood are focused as to what will the story unfold. This new boylet is definitely not a brother. There is no resemblance at all.


Araw at gabi.

Gatas at tsokolati.


And the press release came out.

New boylet is a yayo. A male nanny who moonlights as a houseboy slash lavandero slash cook slash karpintero slash….

Friendship raised his virgin eyebrow.

“Bakit boylet instead na gurl?”

And the answer…

I don’t know… malay ko…

And Tisay and new boylet/yayo seems to be living in harmony.

Ebony and Ivory.

I am dying to get this boylet/yayo’s pic to share. But they block the view from our place by covering it with their junks.

However, friendship is head over heels with boylet/yayo. He is practically drooling over him like a dirty girl deprived of her lollipop.

The boylet/yayo is always topless, proudly displaying his toned, chocolate skin.

I am allergic to chocolates but friendship is not.

Boylet would flex his arms like a tease and scratch his balls unmindful of who may be watching.

Friendship is determined to taste that luscious chocolate treat, scratched balls and all.

He would find ways to make alembong to boylet/yayo but Tisay seems to know the hidden agenda of alembong Friendship kaya she makes sure that she is always around when boylet/yayo is doing his chores.

Bantay sarado.

Sarado de kandado.

Kaya boylet/yayo is not making pansin to Friendship’s KSP acts.

Or maybe there’s a gag order from the Tisay amo?

Friendship is not giving up.

For how long…. I don’t know.

I’ll just update you pag I know na. Hihihi.

Could it be more than amo/yayo relationship? We all know malamig ang gabi. But who am I to make pakialam? Wala, chizmosa lang. What happens next? Only time will tell. XOXO. Gossip Gay.

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Ewan said...

chismax lang tlaga noh?
unless magetching ni friendship si boylet/yayo

napadaan lang

Ms. Chuniverse said...

yup, sana ma-getsing nya. and for sure malalaman ko yon just in case. hihihi.

Ayie said...

My first time to comment and second time to visit you. Since yesterday ng matagpuan ko ang blog mo--eto, naka glue na ako sayo.

Nice to find a walang kiyeme kwento ng buhay with a twist blog. Ang galing mo pang sumulat.

Continue to write---promise, di ako bibitiw dito.

Ms. Chuniverse said...

@Ayie... aw, flattered naman ako don. thanks pow. ;-)

Felipe said...

sana magkaroon din ng eye candy yayo yung kapitbahay namin.

Ex Jason said...

dito din samin sana magkaron din. lol. kaming magruroommates lang ata ang mga eyecandy dito sa amin eh.

charos pempengco.

Mac Callister said...

haha ang saya naman sa neighborhood nyo!

Mac Callister said...

haha ang saya naman sa neighborhood nyo!

Ms. Chuniverse said...

@Felipe... i-pirate kaya ng neighbor mo yung boylet/yayo. hihihi

@Ex Jason... eh di ang happy naman ng neighbor nyo sa inyo. ;-)

@Mac... yup, parang Sesame Street lang. Si Neighbor yung Big Bird. Hehehe

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