Something Major is About to Happen

I know that the major, major thing is so gasgas na.

Excuse me for rubbing it all up allover again.

But this is really a major chapter in my life…

And it’s going to happen this weekend.

It involves…


… and souvenirs


…and champagnes.

How i wish i can invite you all.

But promise, I will update you soon.


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john chen said...

perfect! i'm flying in on sunday! you can invite me if you want. ;-) joking... have a great one. and, umm, and wear white!

Ms. Chuniverse said...

John, you'll be too late. sa Saturday na to. hehehe. ;p

Anonymous said...

first communion?

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Hahaha! natawa talaga ako don. ;-)

true2u1781 said...

thanks giving?

basta! i am happy for you =))

Ms. Chuniverse said...

@true2u1781... kinakabahan ako. ang arte ko. hahaha. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Pahiram ng lyrics ng isang song....

"Girl, ikakasal ka nga ba?"

Mahaba ba ang train mo? Sana invite moko, para ako makasalo ng garter.

Sabi nga ni Victoria: "Ang daya daya mo! Ang daya daya mo! Ang daya daya mo!" (Kaya lang hindi ako na backless. Baklesh lang!


Ewan said...

teh chuni anong meron?
sabihin mo na kasi!!!!!!

kaw din wala kang gift samin! jejejeje

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ganda!

byuting sawi said...

Happy Birthday, ganda!

Mac Callister said...

birthday mo?debut?18 candles and all????hahahha

daya ano kaya yun!

Marcus:) said...

if this is your bday!

then receive my present...:)

Happy Bday! Cheers!

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